Dear friends
In this incredible, unpredictable and also exhausting times we momentary live in … I’m very glad that I can announce that my lattes book was finally translated into English.
I hope you will enjoy it!

Being Human in the Now
Conversations with the soul of my sister Ajra

Two sisters, closely connected, both active on the spiritual path, both with the ability to translate the spiritual world into words... and then one of them dies.

Ten years later they explore a new connection, and through the conversation that follows we gain new visions into what it means to be human. The insights into the afterlife show us how helpful it is when we finally include this part of the soul’s path in our view of life. Departed souls are eager to work more closely with incarnated human beings on present and future challenges, with the interactions bringing potential for deep healing and fertilisation — in both directions.

The themes the two sisters cover in their conversations are direct, detailed and breathtakingly lively and highly topical. They include the increasing difficulties souls encounter in crossing the threshold as influenced by our life decisions on earth, from our materialistic orientations, suicides, to various medications — including the serious and disturbing soul effects coming from the new mRNA vaccines through their ability to penetrate a ‘divine script’ of our body—and what is needed for healing.

The insights Ajra offers on the deep significance and potential of love as a source of strength and growth for our earth incarnations is greatly inspiring, as well as her descriptions of the earth’s own potential for development as a spiritually radiating living being which we can learn to interact with.

Published in the UK by InterActions
120 pages, ISBN 9780 952836469
Price: £12.00
In US the book will distribute: SteinerBooks


"Das Licht des Herzens“ ("The light of the heart“)

In German (1997, the 4. edition, AT Verlag – Atmosphäre or, Slovene (“Nad svetlobo sonca” I and II, 1992 and “Ples barv” Založba iskanja, and Dutch ("Inspiratie uit de wereld van de engelen, 1997)

"How wide the heart”

The roots of peace in Palestine and Israel

Together with Marko Pogacnik 2006, 1. edition; Lindisfarne Books, USA;
Translation from German (2004, 1. Auflage, AT Verlag – Atmosphäre; or also in Slovene (“Tako široko srce“ Založba iskanja,

In 2001 Marko and Ana Pogacnik set out on a pilgrimage with a group of people interested in geomancy and seeking ways of achieving a lasting peace. They travelled along the archetypal path that leads from the Pyramids across the Sinai Peninsula to Jerusalem. On the way, they visited the holy sites of the three Abrahamic world religions – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. By meditating and tuning in to the vital energies of these ancient sites, they were able to decipher the emotional and spiritual dimensions of each location and put into place impulses for healing and regeneration. In “How wide the heart”, Marko and Ana present an overview of the planetary role and true identity of the Holy Land and confirm the capacity of the landscape of Israel and Palestina to communicate messages that so many times in the past have turned human history around.